130+ windows keyboard shortcut keys to increase your productivity

Windows keyboard shortcut keys can increase your efficiency if your everyday work depends intensely on utilising Windows. They simply don’t complete the work rapidly, additionally, enhances the effectiveness. Try them out and you might conceivably end up getting dependent on the keyboard. For Real Windows Newbies or professional here you go… Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys […]

9 Mega Tricks To Speed Up Android Phone Performance

At present, almost in everyone’s hand around the world, you can see smartphone based on the Android operating system.It is not that people do not use other operating system smartphones, but the use of Android phones are huge. The main reason for using this wonderful smartphone operating system is that though it takes a lot […]

Five Amazing Android Tricks To Protect Your Phone From Virus

We usually use our Android phone for many important works. Many people use an Android phone as a personal assistant and save bank account information as well as much important information. Hackers are always ready and trying to hack your information through malware, Virus. It’s essential to update your phone when available and use updated […]

Cool Tricks to Make Windows 10 Run Faster (100% working)

Day by day our PC becomes slow, laggy and hangs. In this days we can’t-do any computer work comfortably without a fast PC or laptop. That is why Most of us want to make our PC faster. This tips and tricks will help you to make Windows 10 run faster than before. To increase the […]