Know How to Make Facebook Profile Private and Untraceable | Enlighten Tricks


It seems, there isn’t a day that can be passed without Facebook and we are so addicted to this social media. But maximum of us don’t have time to care about Facebook account privacy. A few of us who can realize, people with negative mentality and intention always tracking your account.  They can use your information, … Read more

Temporary Facebook Login Using One-Time Password | Account Security


Did you hear about the Facebook one-time password? Some of us will say yes. if yes, that’s really awesome. But if No, then believe me this article is for you. Nowadays, Facebook is one of the strongest social media in the world. It has become part and parcel of our life. We want to keep updated … Read more

Facebook Login Alerts! Make Your Account Safe & Secure


The Facebook team always cares about your account security and they are constantly updating their login detection system each week. They are constantly trying to help keep your account safe & secure. They are always lookout for suspicious activity and if they see anything wrong they’ll let you know. For that Facebook has a feature … Read more