New Facebook Features For Groups | Encourage Relation Between Admins and Members

In June 2017, Facebook hosted their very first-ever Communities Summit with many group admins gathering in Chicago. After the Summit, Facebook passed busy time with building new tools and features that will help admins to grow and manage their communities. Now the team is introducing many of new Facebook features for them.

New Facebook Features and Tools for Admins and Members

After June Communities Summit, Facebook has introduced many new features for group admins to boost up their community activity and engaged with new members. Like –

  • welcome Posts
  • Group Insights
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Member Clean Up
  • Badges for Identifications
  • Member Profile

Welcome Posts: New Facebook Features for Groups

Now admins can write Welcome Post to introduce new and individual member who joined their community for the first time. New members will automatically tag in a welcome post. It seems that welcome post is crucial to building community and new member will be able to introduce with admins.

write welcome post facebook group new facebook features
Write Welcome Post
Write Welcome Post for facebook group new facebook features
Write Welcome Post

Group Insights: New Facebook Features for Groups

Every admin of groups works hard to make sure their groups are supportive and safe for members and for that they spend hours each week. So a new Facebook feature named Groups Insights is introduced to help admins to grow and manage their groups and communities. This insights tools will help admins for better understanding of what’s going on their groups and by the help of this tools, they will be able to analyze and take a new decision to best support their members. Real-time matrices are available in this tool to analyze growth, engagement, and membership and know when members are most engaged.

Scheduled Posts: New Facebook Features for Groups

This is great. Now Facebook group admins and moderators can create schedule post on a specific day and time. Once this feature is only available on Facebook page now groups admins can create schedule posts for more engagement.

schedule post in facebook groups new facebook features
Schedule Post In Groups

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Member Clean Up: Boost Group Engagement

Sometimes its really urgent for group admins to clean up members for boosting group activity. The main reason for cleaning up members is to help keep the community safe from bad members. Now admins can remove a person and the content they have created as well as admins can temporarily turn off a member’s ability to comment and post. Besides admins can kick out members who violate group rules from multiple groups in a single click.

member cleanup update new facebook features new facebook facebook feature
Member Clean Up

Badges for Identifications: New Facebook Features

In groups, it was really hard to find admins earlier. But now Facebook introduced badges for Admins, Moderators and new members also. This will help new members to identify admins and create a connection with them.

new facebook feature admin badges
Admin Badges Update

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Member profiles: See Member Contribution

A Facebook new feature is introduced that will make things easier to find a member update in that group. Many people find a member by their posts or visiting their profiles but now group specific profile is available. When a group member clicks on another member name they will be directed to a group-specific profile based on the information available publicly and feed of that person’s activity in the group.

member profile update new facebook feature
Member Profile Groups

This article is based on Alex Deve, who works  for Facebook. Enjoy Facebooking :). Concern us if you have any queries or suggestions. We will try our best to give you a solution and don’t forget to share what you learn today with whom you care.


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