Facebook Video Settings | How to Turn off Autoplay on Facebook Videos

Facebook Video Settings Turn off Auto-play Videos

Facebook is one of the largest video hosting website after YouTube and the number of uploading videos increasing tremendously. Now Facebook is a good source of video marketing.  Most of the marketer upload their videos on facebook to promote their business. When a Facebook page upload videos for their fans with the intention of promoting … Read more

Change Facebook Theme Color | Get Rid of Boring Blue Theme to Any Color You Want


Facebook is one of the top most social networking site which allows people to connect with their friends and family even people around the world they don’t know. Despite its popularity, it has been always notoriously difficult to customize. An observation says the default blue theme is really boring to many people. Some even consider … Read more

Know How to Make Facebook Profile Private and Untraceable | Enlighten Tricks


It seems, there isn’t a day that can be passed without Facebook and we are so addicted to this social media. But maximum of us don’t have time to care about Facebook account privacy. A few of us who can realize, people with negative mentality and intention always tracking your account.  They can use your information, … Read more

New Facebook Feature Updating 2017 | Will Provide Clear Context About Article

On this October 2017, Facebook is beginning another test to give individual people an extra setting on the articles they find in News Feed.

Most of the people in the world are confused to believe the news that is shared on Facebook or other Social Media. When a fake news spread on Facebook through sharing people got confused if the shared news comes from a person they know. Facebook Team decided to add new Facebook features to clear context about an … Read more

Facebook Two-Step Verification | Make Your Account Security Strong


Day by day Facebook security belt is getting stronger and always tries to give your account an added layer of protection. Enabling Facebook two-step verification added a great value to your account security. Now Facebook is the worlds largest social media platform and they are trying hard to make your account safe and secure.  They are updating … Read more

Facebook Login Alerts! Make Your Account Safe & Secure


The Facebook team always cares about your account security and they are constantly updating their login detection system each week. They are constantly trying to help keep your account safe & secure. They are always lookout for suspicious activity and if they see anything wrong they’ll let you know. For that Facebook has a feature … Read more