Change Facebook Theme Color | Get Rid of Boring Blue Theme to Any Color You Want

Facebook is one of the top most social networking site which allows people to connect with their friends and family even people around the world they don’t know. Despite its popularity, it has been always notoriously difficult to customize. An observation says the default blue theme is really boring to many people. Some even consider it as annoying while they visiting Facebook. The Same blue theme again and again but Facebook doesn’t allow users to change its theme. However, you can change Facebook theme color, background as well as text. Facebook theme changer is safe and secure to use.

Change Facebook Theme Color

You just need to use Chrome Browser or Firebox Browser to change Facebook theme color. It’s really easy to change Fb theme through an extension in Chrome browser named Better Facebook for Chrome and In Firefox you can use Stylish Add-on to change Facebook theme color. You can use the Stylish Extension in Chrome too. But In chrome Better Facebook for Chrome is better than Stylish Extension. Fact that Firefox doesn’t have Better Facebook add-on.

How to Change Facebook Theme Color: Color My Facebook Chrome

>>  First of all, Go to Chrome Settings > More tools > Extensions. Scroll down and click on Get more extensions, a new window will appear.

Chrome settings extensions change facebook theme color Chrome Settings Extensions

>> Search Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer and hopefully, you will find the extension on a blue thumbnail. Now Add the extension to Chrome, click Add To Chrome. The extension will automatically add to your extension bar with a B letter Favicon.

Better facebook add to chrome color theme changer Better Facebook for Chrome Color Theme Changer

Better fcebook for chrome extension bar change facebook theme color Better Facebook On Extensions Bar

>> Now click on that favicon and new pop up will appear on to customize & color your Facebook theme. Let’s start customizing the already used blue theme to any color theme you want.


start customizing better change facebook theme color Start Customizing Change Facebook Theme Color

Turn On Colorizer: Change Facebook Background Color

Change the header bar to this Color:

Where you can change the header bar color by your choice. Set it to any color as I set it dark green color. You can customize any colour even some color we don’t know the name.

Change the background to this Color:

As header bar, you can do the same thing by your choice as I change the background to grey dark color. You are able to change any color you can customize.

Change the text to this color: Change facebook text color

Here you can change the text color to any color as your mind choice. Just you have to add the color custom which is really easy. I’m sure, you can do it easily. Here I turn the text colour to light green.

Change all clickable link to this color:

Here you have to do the same thing again. I set my all links to blue color. Whenever a link appears on your newsfeed it will appear as blue color text. So you can identify links easily.

Set this photo in the background:

You can set any photo as your background of the Facebook theme. Choose the file and simply upload.

background changer better facebook theme color change Background Changer Image

Use this method to fill out the background:

Here you can use this method to fill up the background. Here I choose to fill the whole space. You can choose any of the rest.

Cursor Changer: Change Facebook Theme Color

Turn on Cursor Changer and replace the normal mouse cursor with any picture which will work as mouse indicator or arrow. If you upload a mobile photo then that mobile icon will work as a mouse indicator. Otherwise, you can select from the list like beer, cocktail, etc.

cursor changer better facebook chrome change facebook theme color Cursor Changer Better Facebook Chrome

Font Styler: Facebook Theme Changer

Set the text style:

You can set the text style to any of the font listed. There are huge amount fonts available. You can choose any of the fonts by your choice. Fonts can change your Facebook text look.


Font styler change facebook theme color Font Styler Change Facebook theme Color


Set the text size:

You can set any size whatever you like. I prefer smaller medium for setting font size. Too big font size can change the overlook of your Facebook account.

Ad Blocker

By turning on Ad Blocker you can block annoying advertisement that shows up on the Facebook. Tick On block sponsored ads and stories from showing up on the news feed. Otherwise, keep it unchanged.

Ad blocker better facebook change facebook theme color Ad Blocker Better Facebook theme changer

Notification Sentry

By turning on Notification sentry, you can select any sound from the list. Whenever a friend request, message or notification is received, the sound will play as an alarm but shortly like message tune. You can tick on ‘show a desktop notification’ or remain unchanged. You can set remind me if you do not check your notification. When you set it to 1 hour, it will show you a desktop notification every hour to remind you or remain never.

notification sentry better facebook background sound changer Notification Sentry Better Facebook Background Sound Changer

Photo Pop

When you turn on Photo Pop you can click on a photo to have it expand to fill the whole screen, click again to hide it. You can set it unchanged.

Photo pop better facebook theme color changer Photo Pop Better Facebook

Media Panel

By turning on Media Panel you can play videos in a window outside of the newsfeed so you can keep scrolling or change pages without stopping it. Show videos in this Location select “popup” from the list. You can select others by your choice.

media panel change facebook theme color Media Panel Better Facebook Theme Changer

Sticky Pad

By turning on the sticky pad you can create a bar on the left side if the page where you can add links to your favourite friends and pages. This section won’t work for me, hope it works for you.

Sticky pad better facebook for chrome change facebook theme color Sticky Pad Better Facebook


By turning on Rounder you can round the corners of the many square objects on the page. This section also won’t work for me because Facebook already updated the rounded image of profile photos.

rounder better facebook theme color changer Rounder Better Facebook For Chrome

Newsfeed Expander

By turning on Newsfeed expander you can expand the newsfeed on the homepage so you can see more widely than before. This section worked for me but should be turned off because wider newsfeed looks like misbalancing. I suggest keeping it turned off.

Newsfeed expander better change facebook theme color Newsfeed Expander Better Facebook

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Stylish Add-on for Firefox: Facebook Theme Changer

Firefox users just follow the steps to install the Stylish addon.

  1. First of all, Open Mozilla Firefox and install the Stylish add-on.
  2. Then, follow the fundamental process to install the add-on.
  3. Restart Firefox after effectively installing the Stylish addon.
  4. Login to your Facebook Account and tap on the little ‘S’ catch in your Firefox status bar.
  5. Tap on “Find Styles for this Site” to open another tab with free themes to use for Facebook.
  6. Tap on any theme and a preview will be appeared.
  7. On the off chance that all is well in the saw theme, tap on “Install with Stylish” catch at the upper right corner of the page.
  8. A discourse box will open. Tap on Install in the discourse box.

Note: Facebook theme changer for any browser is safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about that. Besides this Change will appread on your browser only. Others will see the default blue theme. But if any one install these extensions to change facebook theme color, they can preview your change.

keep Facebooking:). Use Facebook for your betterment, don’t misuse or waste excessive time on Facebook. Concern us if you have any queries or suggestion and don’t forget to share what you learn with whom you care.

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