Battery Saving Tips For Android | Know How to Save Android Battery Life

In recent time smartphones create a revolution all around the world. IT experts, business executive even students, teacher, housewife or mango people everyone using a smartphone. It can be easily said that smartphone becomes a part and parcel of modern life. There is numerous smartphone on the market based on different operating system. Although the Android-based operating system is on top nowadays. Low price and different customization facilities make android operating system popular. However, Android users often complain about the battery backup of the Android device. Powerful processor, RAM, high-resolution display and different unusual use make android battery life weak. But users can increase battery life by following some easy battery saving tips for android.

Battery saving tips for Android

Today we will focus on battery saving tips for Android and you will know how to save android battery life. This article is focused on two ways to save android battery life. Both described below, you just have to follow the tactics to save android battery life.

  1. General Procedures for battery saving tips for android
  2. Advanced procedure for battery saving tips for android

Both the ways are proven and applied. You don’t need to worry about your android phone speed.  Before going to elaborate the topic I just wanted to share with you a great Bluetooth headphone named COWIN E7 included active noise canceling facilities. Also have a great compatibility with PC, tab and so on. You can check a special Cowin E7 Review to know more. This Headphone use less charge than others.

1. General Procedures: How to Save Android Battery Life

>> Do not keep Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity turn on without need. Use only when you need those. Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity utilize plenty of your android battery life.

>> If your device supports Auto Brightness, then it is good to keep Auto. If you do not have auto brightness, then set up manually where a good backup is available. There is no need to always display the display in Brightness 100. According to the data below, we saw significant changes in battery backup by setting brightness.

Battery saving tips for Android at Day Time

Inside Home: 30-40% (brightness)

Outside Home: 50-70%

Road Side: 90-100%

Battery saving tips for Android at Night Time

Inside Home: 05-30% (Brightness)

Outside Home: 15-40%

Roadside: 20-40%

In total, try to use time-wise brightness without using excessive brightness. It will be as good as your eyesight and the battery backup will increase many times.

>> Don’t use any live wallpaper as it utilizes huge battery life. You can use live wallpaper for occasional friend’s party to show up but in the end, you should turn it off and go back to general wallpaper. According to some people using black-colored wallpaper can provide better results.

Live wall paper Battery saving tips for Android
Android Live Wallpaper

>> If you want to stop any app that works by using sensors, do not minimize app just close the apps completely. In ice cream sandwiches and the next Android versions, you can easily close the app by pressing the Home button to swipe left to the right. Use a good Task Manager for other versions.

closing apps Battery saving tips for Android
Closing Android Apps

>> Never use more than one antivirus or battery saver apps. Juice Defender apps have a lot of work as a battery saver. It can be collected free from the Google Play Store.

>> Rooted device users can use the Greenify app for runtime management. By doing this, unwanted, unnecessary apps cannot run on your device’s background, so the battery will increase. This app can also be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

greenify Battery saving tips for Android
Greenify Battery Saving App

As we know the maximum tactics of general procedures but if you don’t know any of this try this. Hopefully, it will work for you. Now let’s focus on some advanced tactics for saving android smartphone battery.

2. Advanced procedure: Best Battery Life Smartphone

Strategies apply only to Li-ion batteries. Almost all phones are used in Li-ion batteries nowadays. Many people can disagree with these procedures. But we got good results in this method from the internet and from our experience. Hope you will also benefit from this. Do not let the battery drain easily below 15-20%, that means you should input charger when charging below 20% without delay. If you are not forced to do so, do not use the phone while charging.

>> Try to charge continuously. Keep in mind that once you input charger, try to charge at least 35%. If you can charge continuously 100% then it’s well and good. If you want charge your smartphone through Power bank then make sure good quality quick charge power bank.

>> Do not charge a second after charging the battery 100%. Unplug it immediately after charging 100%. Remember; do not ever sleep by charging the phone at night.

>> Do not charge your phone frequently. If the charge is above 50%, then there is no need to charge for unnecessary charges. But after going down 35-30%, you will be given a charge.

>> Try to avoid apps that have Wakelock apps. You can check Wakelock through Better Battery Stats apps from Google play store.

>> In every month or 20 days later, wait until the phone is completely shut down by 0%. After turning off just turn on the device again. After some time the device will shut down again. Then charge the Android device again up to 100%. When 100% charge completed unplug the charger and turn off the device. Now open the battery from the device and set it again. When you turn on the phone, you will see 10-12% charge decreases. At that time plug the charger again and unplug when 100% charge completed. This battery saving tips for android always works. Try this work every month once.

remove battery Battery saving tips for Android
Remove Battery From Device

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Here I can give you a list of battery saver apps. You can choose any of the battery saver apps from that.

  1. Amplify:
    Amplify app is a root based app and the main functionality of Amplify is identifying and stopping wakelocks.
  2. Greenify:
    Greenify app is useful for both root and non-root devices and functionality is as like as amplify.But you will get more functionality and power through rooting android device
  3. GSam Battery Monitor:
    GSam Battery Monitor can provide information about the apps draining your battery.
  4. Servicely:
    Servicely works by stopping apps that run in the background.have wakelocks detection service.
  5. Wakelock Detector:
    Wakelock detector helps to detect wakelocks. it can detect both partial and full wakelocks.

I have already linked those apps to google play store. So you can easily download from that and if recommendation wants then I will prefer Amplify Or Greenify. Both functionality almost same. But if you can safely root your android phone then Greenify comes with more and powerful functions.

We believe that you can increase the battery backup of your Android device by following the above battery saving tips for Android. So those who are depressed about their batteries do not delay just follow the tactics. If you have any queries comment us and don’t forget to share what you learn with whom you care.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.